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ClearCellular combined with ClearOS Mobile provides the safest, most secure Internet experience you can get on a mobile device. The Nation’s most reliable network is now the world’s safest place to surf.

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Apps That Never Share Your Personal Data

Clear Apps are built on a decentralized system that won’t allow third-party access to your data. Connect, communicate, and share on your terms.

Your Favorite Apps are Still Here

Don’t worry, you can still use the apps you’ve come to love, just know that they share your personal data. We’ll still block ads, malware, and trackers unless you want them 😉

ClearPHONE is the only phone that runs on a private network.

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ClearPHONE 220

$50.00 / month* & **

ClearPHONE 420

$100.00 / month* & **

ClearPHONE 620

$150.00 / month* & **

* First & Last due at signing. 24 month subscription. Cancel anytime after 4 paid months. Cancellation fee is just two months payment. with a refundable Port Security Deposit $ 200.00 for each subscription.

** Special Minor Subscription with at least one accompanying adult.

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